In graphic design, size & experience really do matter!

Bad designIf you want graphic design done right you should use a professional. Unfortunately, there are too many novices out there who believe that because they have a computer with design software on it that makes them a graphic designer. Nothing can be further from the truth. Too often work on the cheap is not created by someone trained in how to set up files properly for all mediums and devices, and more often than not, their work not up to snuff when it comes to design and layout. I have come across page layouts exclusively done on Photoshop, which is a disaster to anybody that needs to decipher elements on layers. Just because someone offers cheap services does not necessarily make it a good buy. Think about it, would you use someone who charges $10 and hour to work on your car. Probably not. Don’t make that mistake. Hire a professional.

As a design school trained graphic designer (Academy of Art SF) with over 20 years working in the field I can get your work done professionally and quickly. I know how to set up files for the web and print, so that you will not see pixalated images, unattractive typeface combinations, bad color usage or, just simple, bad design.

Your logo and corporate branding, from printed material to web presence, determines your credibility in the marketplace. The impact of effective visual branding on your unique website or printed piece will bring your message to the world and connects with your customers perception of you. You only have one chance to make a first impression, make it a good one.

Whether redefining an identity for your company or discovering the possibilities of a new one, I endeavor to create simple yet effective results for your distinctive needs.

Logo Design

A great logo will effectively communicate the client’s business identity. It will be designed and formatted for usage on various mediums so that the client will have consistency throughout all their marketing materials. If you are branding your business or creating a new image for a product or event, we have the ability to create the right image for you. Can’t find your original logo? No, problem. I can recreated from past examples.

Logo Design Process:

  1. Create up to three logo design concepts.
  2. Submit logo designs for client’s review.
  3. Discuss revisions/changes with the client. Up to 5 revisions.
  4. Perform up to one hour of revisions to the client’s logo choice.
  5. Finalize logo choice in multiple file formats.
  6. Supply files with logo specifications to client.